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Economic Initiatives

wildlife tourism

The long-term vision of the Coastal First Nations is to regain control of our future through increased opportunities and economic independence.

The successes we have had have come from our people working together and that will not change. We will continue to work together to create a prosperous future for our people.

It’s clear an economy based on exploitation of natural resources is no longer viable. It’s also clear we can no longer depend on a monolithic economy. We have to branch out from the fishing industry that had sustained us for generations.

Our leaders have told us that developments within our Traditional Territories must be economically viable, environmentally sound and socially responsible. Achieving this goal requires participation from all segments of our communities, both to determine community needs and to identify and to implement innovative and appropriate solutions.

The Coastal First Nations will continue our work to develop economic opportunities in the areas of forestry, fisheries, renewable energy and tourism. At the same time we will focus on building capacity in our communities.

For the Coastal First Nations a sustainable economy is one in which our resources are not used up faster than nature renews them and benefits are shared equitably. A sustainable coastal economy is the product of thriving ecosystems and communities. Our shared assets are not sacrificed for short term profit. Coastal First Nations does not support the growth at all costs economic model.