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Coastal First Nations Declare Northern Gateway Pipeline “Effectively Dead”

June 17, 2014

Premier Christy Clark called on to reject pipeline once and for all to preserve broader resource dialogue in BC and relationships with First Nations. 


VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA (June 1_, 2014) – Enbridge’s Northern Gateway pipeline is “effectively dead” because Enbridge will never meet the conditions for approval outlined by the federal government.


The government’s announcement giving its approval to Enbridge is meaningless.  “It’s an approval in name only. This project is dead,” said Art Sterritt, Executive Director of the Coastal First Nations. “The project can’t proceed with these conditions. We’ve been clear there is no technology to clean up an oil spill and the dispersant that is used causes more damage than the oil itself.”


Today’s announcement doesn’t change anything, Sterritt said.  “We’ve spent millions of dollars developing a sustainable economy. We’re not going to risk it by allowing oil tankers in our waters. It is those living on BC’s coast that will bear all the risks of an oil spill.”


 It’s been suggested the BC government is nervous that a federal approval of Northern Gateway could endanger negotiations with First Nations in Northern BC on the future of LNG development. Sterritt says that risk is real.  


“The federal government lost an opportunity today to reject Northern Gateway,” said Sterritt. “They’ve now left it to Premier Clark to make the situation clear, and to preserve a wider dialogue and consideration of resource development in BC. We’re looking at Premier Clark to say no to Northern Gateway.”


First Nations and their allies are still weighing a range of legal and direct action responses to today’s approval, but will wait to see what Enbridge does next.

“We’ll see if Enbridge dares to put its shovels in the ground,” said Sterritt. “First Nations and our allies will protect our rights and the interests of future generations. We will never allow oil tankers into our territorial waters.”





Art Sterritt

Executive Director

Coastal First Nations


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