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Founder of Bella Bella Youth Stewardship Group Receives Prestigous Award

April 24, 2012

APRIL 24, 2012



The Board and staff of Qqs (Eyes) Projects Society celebrate the decision of the British Columbia Achievement Association to honour Qqs Executive Director Larry Jorgenson as a recipient of the 2012 BC Community Achievement Award. The award is given to individuals for their significant contributions to their community. 

Over his thirty-three years in the Heiltsuk First Nations community of Bella Bella at the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest, Mr. Jorgenson has left his mark in the fields of youth engagement, education, restorative justice, environmentalism, cultural revitalization, social work, and community healing. Since founding Qqs Society, Mr. Jorgenson’s work has focused on holistic approaches to strengthening youth and community.

“One of the founding principles at Qqs is the idea that our children see what we show them”, said Qqs Communications Director Jessie Housty. “Larry’s vision for Qqs is rooted in his belief that leadership is taught by example and opportunity. At Qqs, we work to show our youth what leadership looks like, and we strive to give those young people an opportunity to exercise their own leadership abilities.”

Mr. Jorgenson founded Qqs Society in 1999 ‘to support Heiltsuk youth, culture and environment’. As a charitable non-profit, Qqs operates community-driven programs that that have been crucial in cultural revitalization, and that foster a sense of stewardship over Heiltsuk lands and waters.

Projects founded within Qqs Society include the construction of a traditional bighouse and community healing centre, a science and culture camp for at-risk youth, a community library and café, and a comprehensive field science initiative to support the Nation’s stewardship office.

“Mr. Jorgenson’s work at Qqs Society has helped foster a generation of young Heiltsuk people who know their own power”, said Housty. “That’s invaluable and crucial for the wellbeing of the community.”

The Board and staff of Qqs (Eyes) Projects Society invite you to join us in uplifting Mr. Jorgenson for his incredible vision, passion and commitment to community for more than three decades. He will receive the BC Community Achievement Award at a ceremony at Government House in Victoria on April 25.

Larry Jorgenson, Executive Director, 250 957 7175
Jessie Housty, Communications Director, 250 957 8175
Carrie Easterbrook, Qqs Board, 250 957 8158

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